Rolling Up For Halls Creek’s Vax-A-Thon

The first Halls Creek Vax-a-thon was hosted by Yura Yungi Medical Service. This was an opportunity for Olabud Doogethu staff to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination.

The first Halls Creek Vax-A-Thon was held on 26 October 2021 at the Halls Creek Aquatic and Recreational Centre, hosted by Yura Yungi Medical Service (YYMS).

The Vax-a-thon also featured local Halls Creek AFL stars -Jy Farrar, Ashley Johnson, and Sam Petrevski-Seton.

The Olabud Doogethu staff joined in the Vax-a-Thon by providing photographs for the event, as well as three new staff members — Michaela, Joel, and Jamal — getting their first COVID-19 vaccination jab.

Halls Creek has one of the lowest vaccination rates across the state, with concerns that the state re-opening the borders will put the communities in the East Kimberley at severe risk of getting COVID-19.

The Vax-a-thon was highly successful with more than 70 people getting their first vaccine at the Vax-a-thon and another being planned for November 2021.

Currently, a majority of Olabud Doogethu staff have already been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Michaela Malay, one of Olabud Doogethu’s newest Youth Development Officers, received her first vaccination at the Vax-a-Thon.

While Michaela was initially hesitant about the vaccine, she felt more comfortable once more people from her church were getting vaccinated.

‘Once people from church were getting vaccinated, and then learning that my Mum was already vaccinated, I decided that I should just go for it and do my part,’ said Michaela.

Two other recent additions to the Olabud Doogethu team is Jamal Dixon and Joel Nauta – who received their first vaccinations too.

‘I was pretty nervous, but all of the Olabud Doogethu team were supportive and it was good to get the jab with Joel,’ said Jamal.

Joel agreed: ‘People were happy to be there. There was live music, and lots of people bringing their friends and families, so it had a good community vibe to it.’

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations will be essential for Olabud Doogethu staff members from 31 November 2021.