Smart Justice in the

Heart of Kimberley

With cooperation and support from our communities, the Olabud Doogethu journey is to provide a better future for our country men and women. We want to help our mob develop effective leadership and cultural cohesion by designing, delivering, assisting or supporting programs that build stronger families, improve our quality of life, and champion our proud heritage.

By diverting resources away from our overcrowded prison system, we can invest in our future – our children. The traditional judicial system has failed us, and it continues to let us down. We must manage this problem ourselves. The Aboriginal way.

Together, we can implement community-driven initiatives for early intervention, post-trauma support and education, training and career pathways. Programs that educate and rehabilitate our young people, and their families, while cultivating stronger bonds within the community to help all of us live happier, more fulfilled lives.


Olabud Doogethu provides us with a unique opportunity to focus on job creation where the power dynamic is finally changed. A deliberate effort has been made to create local employment opportunities where our mob can have a chance to enter the workforce and provide for their families while delivering services with cultural competency, in order to assist in the journey towards self-determination for all members of community.

What if we told you there was an alternative to expensive prison terms?

The Olabud Doogethu Project provides programs that are built on local Aboriginal knowledge and expertise and have attracted accolades from the international community. Our programmes work where all other external providers or so-called expert programs have failed.

We have proven that Aboriginal led governance, Aboriginal led decision making, and Aboriginal led program design works, and it works because of Aboriginal excellence.

We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of Australia, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging. We particularly acknowledge the Kija and Jaru people, the traditional owners of the Country upon which the Shire of Halls Creek is located.
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