Our Dreamtime

Many thousands of years ago, the world was a flat and baron landscape until our ancestral spirits came down from the sky to carve out rivers and mountains and create people and animals. This story of creation is called ‘The Dreaming’ and it explains how everything came to be. These creation events are celebrated today and are deeply rooted in our Lore and Culture.

Dreamtime meaning

Everything we see was once an ancestor or was created by them. A tree or a lake could be an ancestor. Through Dreamtime, we can describe why a rock came to rest in its place or why a river came to flow through a specific valley. Our ancestral heritage rests in these objects, and these interconnected stories lay the foundations for how we should conduct ourselves, treat each other and maintain the land.

Songs of the Dreamtime

The creating ancestors carved paths in the sky that marked the boundaries of their creation. These paths are known as ‘Song Lines’ and are recorded in Aboriginal song, dance, art and stories.

A song is made from lots of little verses, and each verse describes a particular event or creation attributed to an ancestor. Many of these songs can be strung together to detail the events in a specific ancestors journey. Therefore someone who can perform these songs can travel through several songlines virtually travelling the entirety of Australia following in the footsteps of our ancestors to see touch and feel places we have never visited in our lives.

Dreamtime Chart

As Aboriginal people we have an obligation to pass on these stories and teachings to the next great generation of Aboriginals. Our Dreamtime chart is an illustration of how all things interact, how everything is interconnected and details how we should live our lives.