Reconciliation: For Our Family, For Our Kids

Reconciliation for me is about getting our family, our children, back to their Country and into their culture because we have a lot of broken homes from the Stolen Generations.

Trying to find our connections on both our Mother and Father’s side and coming together as a family together and talking about history.

How can we bring our families back together? It’s like Olabud (‘All of us’). We may all be Aboriginal people, but we have different lifestyles.

When you think about reconciliation, you’ve got to go back to the Stolen Generations. A lot of people were moved away from their home, their families, and grew up differently. How can they find their family again?

For all Australians, it’s important to work together, in unity, and help each other.

In the future, I’d like to see families reunited together. We’re still searching for the answers, so in 50 years down the track, the younger generation would hopefully find those answers and have that information.

Rosemary Stretch
Director, Olabud Doogethu

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