Mibala: Learning On Country

The first of its kind in Australia, the Certificate II in Mibala ('Us Together' in Kriol) Learning Country is a nationally accredited course that provides an alternative education pathway.

The purpose of the course, developed by Olabud Doogethu is to develop children’s sense of identity and connection to culture, while re-engaging them in schooling.

‘[Through Mibala], we want to help empower the children to become the next generation of leaders… and to help find their voice through their sense of identity and through a stronger connection to culture’ said Arron Little, On Track Coordinator.

On 12-15 April 2021, Olabud Doogethu leaders, including Arron, completed formal training to develop their skills to teach children on country.

‘We learnt how to create lesson plans, learnt how to break skills down for children, and the different ways of teaching.’ said Arron.

The first of its kind in Australia, the nationally accredited – Certificate II in Mibala Learning Country – is led by Olabud Doogethu in partnership with the Shire of Halls Creek.

Through its accredited status, this course will be soon be able to be adapted and implemented in any language and Country in Australia. Olabud Doogethu will work closely with the schools to

identify the children that need the additional support and what they can do to help.

‘We’ll correspond with the schools… [children] being in the right headspace and a lack of attendance at school are some of the key issues faced by teachers working in Halls Creek,’ said Arron.

A team of men and women in Olabud Doogethu will ensure that Mibala can work effectively to identify the children falling through the cracks and provide that support that isn’t available through mainstream education. ‘People drop off school… due to whatever circumstances…. it can be hard for kids to get back into it,’ said Arron.

Mibala will bring children out on Country to pass down traditional Aboriginal knowledge to them while helping children develop a strong sense of identity and connection to their culture.

The teaching units that are included in the Cert II in Mibala Learning Country involve students learning about local community leaders, exploring their own family history, learning how to use digital devices and more.

For more information on the Certificate II Mibala Learning Country, click here.