Keith Jugarie: Coming Together With Good Ideas

For Keith Jugarie, Kija and Jaru Elder, the Men's Tribal Centre will play an important role for bringing everybody together and sharing good ideas for a better future.​

Keith Jugarie (Kija and Jaru) is a local Elder that resides in Mardiwah Loop in Halls Creek. 

‘In this sort of town here, we’ve got so many different tribes here. You’ve got Jaru, Kija, Walmajarri, Bunuba, and so many from different areas who are now here. A long time ago, it wasn’t like that,’ said Keith.

‘I’d like them to understand that we’ve got this thing [Men’s Tribal Centre] up and going and for people who would like to come in – there’s lots of people out there with plenty of good ideas, people who are a bit older than what I am. It’s a really good starting point, to get it up and going. What I hate to see is just talk, and nothing gets done. But if we can get together, make a plan, and get it up and going, for all of us to share, then it will be good.’

The Men’s Tribal Centre is located on Halls Creek’s former golf course, which is historically a traditional Aboriginal ceremonial grounds. The Men’s Tribal Centre will be a culturally safe space for Aboriginal men to come together, for young people to learn from local Elders, and for non-Aboriginal people to connect with the timeless Aboriginal cultures in the area.

The Men’s Tribal Centre is an initiative led by Olabud Doogethu Aboriginal Corporation, the Shire of Halls Creek, and the Elder’s Reference Group. 

If you are interested in supporting Olabud Doogethu’s efforts to bring together a Men’s Tribal Centre in Halls Creek, you can contact Larry Smith on 9168 6007.