It’s Time For Us To Move Forward

I’ve always had trouble thinking about what reconciliation means. But when you look at this town, there’s been so many changes. It’s about community coming together. The town is moving forward. It’s a time for us to start doing something to better our people. Reconciliation could be about a person or a community needing help. But most of all, it’s “us”.

I say, it’s time for us to move forward and we can do this together in this world. You’ve got one stick, it’s easy to break. But when you’ve got a big mob of sticks, you cannot break it. This is why we need each other to work on this. 

Reconciliation is also a celebration. For people who have worked hard over these years, by getting Aboriginal people back together. You’ve got people walking around this town who don’t know about reconciliation, but it’s time we start.

From what I’ve seen, learnt, and heard over these years, I think it’s time for us to do something within this town and our communities because it’s the community that we look after. It’s the people that live here.

Dennis Chungulla
Human Rights Coordinator, Olabud Doogethu

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