Residential Airfares for Regional WA

Travel to and from the Kimberley is typically an expensive venture, and can be a real limitation for locals living in remote WA. Whether its to go on a holiday, visit family or to access services, just getting to Perth and back can be very pricey, and in some cases, unaffordable for our mob. There is some good news in this space…the WA Government has entered into a Regional Airfare Zone Cap scheme with all of the airlines that service this part of the world.

From 1 July 2022 flights to Perth for Kimberley residents will be capped at $299. The airlines can not charge more than this for a one-way ticket to Perth from Kununurra or Broome.


To be eligible to purchase Residential Fares, you must be a member of the individual airlines loyalty program and list your Kimberley address.

To find out more or become a member see below:



SKIPPERS – 1300 729 924

AIRNORTH – 1800 627 474 

REX – 

You may also want to read the FAQs produced by the WA Department of Transport. CLICK HERE to download it.

You can also read more about this from the WA Government at