Camping on Country

In June our Case Management team and Alternative Education team worked together to take clients out on country for an overnight camping trip. The clients both teams work with are those with some of the most complex needs, have been left behind by the mainstream education system and come from diverse familial and home environments. As part of Olabud Doogethu’s 2022-2023 forward planning sessions, camps were identified as a way to engage kids in a neutral environment, away from potential distractions and disruptions. Starting with a small group from both Programs for an overnight trip, our staff were able to spend one on one time with clients and also lead group discussions and activities.

After considering a few different locations, the teams settled upon the picturesque Lake Komaterpillar. At this location, they were able to make the most of the proximity to water, flat space for setting up camp and lots of land to explore. As a group, they took part in camp set up, food preparation, boomerang making, collecting wood and camp fire supper and yarning.

The camp was enjoyed by all, and considered a success by our Program staff, giving them the confidence to forward plan for more camps, with more kids and for longer periods of time.